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Spiritual Awakening And Living In Divine Presence

Experiencing a spontaneous awakening can mean different things to different people, but it is essentially the experience of a revelation of the Truth of our Being, which happens spontaneously as opposed to it happening over time. You are not the body, nor are you the mind.  You are experiencing the earth through the body, but your true nature is of pure energy and consciousness, and you are the observer of the activities of the body.

A Spiritual Awakening, or a Spontaneous Awakening is a revelation of the truth of who and what you are.

When a spiritual awakening happens, we are being shown the Truth of our Being.. and everyone’s experience is at least somewhat different.  I experienced myself as pure Light, and a moment later as No-Thingness when my crown chakra opened and I was drawn up into the Light while I in meditation one night in the back of my Jeep living as a forest monk. I didn’t know who I was during the experience because my left brain had been “turned off”, so there was no knowledge of John or of any of my life experiences or personal identity.  I knew myself only to be part of the energy that many call God, and that I WAS that energy.

Eventually I fell asleep in that state, and when I woke up the next day I was in what I now call “Golden Oneness”, and John still was not present.  In the experience of Oneness I knew that all things are One Thing and that there is no separation.  We are all part of one energy field, which includes the earth and all things on it and in it, and the entire universe and all universes.

This is what Yeshua was referring to as The Kingdom of Heaven, and in the Gospel of Thomas he said “.. it is within you and all around you”.

We are not at all what we think we are.  We are all aspects of God in Creation. We believe we are separate and weak and we are taught that we are “born in sin”, but we are far from weak.  Yeshua said “Ye are gods, yet ye know it not” and when He spoke of sin he was using an ancient Aramaic archery term that means “to miss the mark”.

We believe that heaven is a place we go when we die, but we are actually living in it at this very moment. The Kingdom is within us and it is all around us.

There exists a dualistic aspect of the Divine, or the Source Energy that we call God. Prior to the creation of Form, it simply “was”. This was what I call “God before Creation”, or Nothingness.  Some call it the Void. Then the Divine began Creation and the Light came forth as an aspect of the Universal Consciousness. This is spoken of in the Bible as “And God said Let There be Light, and there was Light”. 

We ARE that Light, and.. we are also living in The Body Of God In Creation which sprang forth from that Light.

As I said earlier, our body allows us to experience life, but the deeper Awareness of our Divine Essence is our true nature. It is that which witnesses the experiences of living in the world.

As Undifferentiated Consciousness, we are Pure Light, and we are one with the All That Is. In that state there is no body.. nor is there a sense of self present. There is only Light.. and we ARE that Light.

When I awoke in Oneness that next morning, I was in The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and it was told to me..

“You are in the Body of God in Creation”


This is what is true:
God is within each and every one of us, and we are within God.
There is no ‘other’ and there is no separation..

There is only Oneness.


Our True Nature.. who and what we are.. is part of God. We are Divine Beings having a human experience. In the deepenst sense, we are as yet unrealized Christs or Buddhas.


Our lives are a continual process of becoming; which in it’s essence is a spiritual unfoldment of coming to know who and what we are.

When we understand that this is the purpose of our being here and what it entails, we can assist in our own process of Awakening and more easily open to our True Beingness and live the life we were intended to live.

Most spiritual seekers believe that they have to get to somewhere in order to become spiritually Consciousness, or Awakened. I did as well, but it’s not true.

There is actually nowhere to get TO. All that is necessary is to open ourselves to that which is already here. Spiritual attainment is a function of being Present in the moment and simply watching. The mind/ego always wants to DO.. and to take charge.. but when we simply drop down into our heart and be Present and be Aware, what is already here WILL reveal itself to us. We already are in the Body of God In Creation. We just don’t know it. But Life wants us to know it.

The Infinite WANTS us to Awaken and Know Who, and what we are

In truth it’s more accurate to say that God is Awakening Itself in human form. In my third Opening into Oneness, the Voice came to me for the second time and It said “It is my Will that you know Who, and What you are, and that you create your lives in joy”.

After I returned to my normal state of consciousness I realized that what God was saying was that we are all actually HERE to become Living Conscious beings.

And, one way we can begin to do that now is to become Present in the Now Moment, and to live from our hearts. Most people will also need to engage in a process of uncovering their stories and false beliefs, and perhaps release pent up emotional pain as well.

That was the case with me. Just because Life graces us with a spiritual awakening and an experience of Truth.. or several of them as has happened to me.. it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will suddenly become firmly grounded in the experience, or that our stories and issues will miraculously disappear. In fact, that very rarely happens. What does happen far more often is that we experience Truth and then have to deal with the mind after the fact.

You don’t have to wait for a Spiritual Awakening to do that however. You can become aware of your stories and beliefs now just by paying attention to what you think and say on a continual basis.

By doing this type of Inner Work and bringing yourself Present and shifting your conscious awareness to your heart.. and with a sufficient desire.. you can experience your true Being-ness.

When and where are the domain of Grace, but I know that if you want it enough and are willing to do the Work that God will meet you more than half way.

And in the process you will discover that you create a profoundly better life.

You can become truly liberated when you began engaging in a fearless inquiry into the nature of your mind and your beliefs, because in so doing, you come to discover that you are not our stories, our beliefs or judgements. And you learn that our past conditioning does not define you.


You can know and experience that you are an
embodiment of God in creation.

As I said previously, we are actually Light beings who are having an experience of being human. And, the more Present we become in the Now Moment, and the more free of limiting beliefs we become, the more likely it is that we will have an experience of ourselves as the Divine Principle that we are.

So I invite you right now to just stop.. right here and right now in this moment. Stop all seeking, and just Be Present. What you are is already here, inviting you home.

We are the only ones responsible for creating our lives, and this includes creating our own Awakening. We do this by moving closer and closer to the I AM within through our intention, presence, and invocation.  By working in conjunction with God, we awaken ourselves to the Divine Beings that we already are.


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