God and Ego

God and Ego

Last time we talked about the state of the world and how modern events are shaped by activities of the human ego, and we also discussed how to begin to shift our identification from egoic mind into Awareness. In this article I’d like to talk about how Being, as I call It, fits into that equation.

Our entire existence in human form is within the “Body of God” as I mentioned in the September article. But if we’re going to realize and experience it we first have to want it, because whatever we focus on consistently we will get if we’re determined enough to have it. So once we are determined that we are going to know God, then the way will open to us and we will be led. When giving the Sermon on the Mount Jesus said “Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”, and this is literally true. If we don’t ask we cannot receive.

Spiritual Awakening and living an awakened life will only come through our first asking for it, and then by the Grace of God bringing it about. If we are open, persistent, and willing to do what’s necessary, we will wake up. So then the process of awakening requires the establishment of a conscious partnership, a relationship, between you and God. More precisely it’s between you and you, because the Impulse to Awaken arises from within and is actually the desire of the Divine to experience Itself in Creation, and so is a natural movement of spiritual evolution. But this is a topic for later discussion.

For now I want to talk more about our individual responsibility in this process. Historically, little attention has been paid to the ego and it’s relationship to awakening. This is in part why some people in the past have experienced spontaneous awakenings and still ended up with distorted teachings and dysfunctional lives afterward.

There is a commonly held belief among spiritual aspirants that once a person wakes up suddenly all of the distortion of the ego is burned up, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, in my experience, it’s rarely the case. Either before an awakening occurs or after, there is usually work that has to be done, and this is where a lot of people get tripped up. In America today we want “quick fixes”. We want to do a seminar or go to a workshop and have everything suddenly be great. But this is usually not going to happen, and it is why inner work is necessary.

Our responsibility in the process is to become conscious of who we have become at the level of mind and to bring consciousness to all of those parts of ourselves that we have tried to ignore, run away from, or ultimately have accepted as “me”, and to work in concert with God to resolve these distortions. As I’ve said previously, these egoic patterns are not who we are. They are who we believe we are perhaps, but they are only a series of neural pathways and synaptic connections in the brain, and related chemical responses.

So the process of Awakening becomes a Divine dance between our “Self”, or that which provided the Impulse to Awaken in the first place, and God, as we become conscious of our patterns and distortions and dissolve them. Once we become aware of an egoic pattern or behavior, watching it when it arises will weaken it, and often it will dissipate completely by simple observation. This isn’t always the case, as there are sometimes deeper distortions which run unconsciously that usually stem from childhood wounding. These can take time to root out and to heal, but they can be healed.

For this months exercise then, if you haven’t already done so set your Intent to experience Spiritual Awakening and to know who and what you are. How you do this isn’t as important as that you do it. You have to let the Universe know that you’re serious and that you want to heal your life and know the Truth of your Being. We are powerful beings and that through our Intent, or as Jesus put it, by asking, we can have, be or do anything we want. Once you do ask however, give the process to God and let it happen as it will. Our job is only to assist in the process and let Grace handle the rest.

Also, begin a daily meditation program if you don’t already have one, and meditate daily for at least 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and again in the evening before you go to sleep. This will help to shift your identity from the small “self” to the divine “Self”. Also, as I said in the September issue, bring yourself Present as you go through your day. By this I mean to be conscious of your body and your feelings and emotions. Most people in the U.S. live almost entirely in their heads and identified with their ego, but the juice of life (and the Truth) is in Present Moment Awareness. Being Present will also make it easier to watch your ego and any distortions that might arise.

If you haven’t yet made a list of your likes, dislikes, beliefs and judgements about others and yourself, do this as well. This will assist you in bringing consciousness to who you have become at the level of mind, and once you are aware of those patterns and beliefs you will be well on your way to releasing and healing them. This also helps facilitate the shift of identification from the small self to the Divine Self.

And finally, include God in this process. If you know that you have a certain situation, judgment or belief that needs to be resolved, ask for help. Most egos like to think they can handle things on their own, but this process demands a working relationship with Being, and eventually it also will demand a surrender of the ego itself in order to shift into non-dual awareness, or Oneness. You will discover though that the ego doesn’t “go away” as is commonly thought, but rather is brought “on board” and works within the context of an awakened presence in the world. Happy observing! Be Present, and keep smiling!