Heart Centered Awareness

Heart Centered Awareness

In past articles I’ve written about ‘Present Moment Awareness’ and the need to be Present throughout the day. This month I would like to focus on one particular aspect of this state of being, which I refer to as “dropping down into the heart”.

Living in a vibration of Love is our natural state, but we are largely divorced from it because of our preoccupation with the mind. In order to rectify this and find our way back home it’s necessary that we shift our “base of operations” from our mind and its stories, to our heart and our bodies, and live in the present moment.

In terms of our chakra system, our hearts are the center of loving compassion within our being. When a master such as Jesus or Buddha incarnates there are three predominant chakras operating; the Crown, the Throat and the Heart. The Crown is associated with Truth and Wisdom, the Heart with Love and Compassion, and the Throat with the ability to communicate that to the world.

When we Awaken, the same becomes true for us as well. Our upper centers become predominant and the “lower” are integrated (usually over time) as any energetic distortions are resolved and the energy centers are brought into alignment with our higher nature.

We can help to facilitate this shift by consciously dropping down into our hearts and into Heart Centered Awareness in the Now. Essentially we are shifting our awareness from our minds and into our bodies and becoming Present, but activating the vibration of Love at the same time.

One very good way to accomplish this is to sit quietly and focus your attention on your inner beingness and your energy from the neck down. As you tune in to the physical sensations of your body and the energy as it flows through you, or focus on your heart as it beats, you will find that you automatically become more present and in your body.

You can also apply the technique of using a visual “soft focus” in order to help accomplish this. By changing the focus of your eyes and softening your gaze, your awareness and preoccupation with the mind will quiet, and you will notice that your awareness of your body and its sensations becomes predominant.

Another good way to bring yourself into your body and be Present is to pay attention to your breathing as it moves in and out naturally. When combined with soft focus this is a powerful way to drop down in to your body and shift your awareness into the present moment.

Once you are fully present in your body, if you do not sense or feel the activation of your heart, you can open it through becoming aware of someone you love, or through the application of gratitude. In most people the heart chakra isn’t fully activated, so connecting inwardly with the feelings you have for a person whom you love, or engaging in gratitude will open it.

To accomplish this using gratitude, you will need to first become aware of the things in your life that you are grateful for, even the most mundane. It could be something as simple as being able to take a shower in the morning, or having a good cup of coffee or tea, or being able to do any of the myriad of things you do throughout your day. Then as you become aware of each thing as it arises, give sincere thanks within for that being in your life.

As you engage in this process you will discover that your mind quiets naturally, your heart opens up, and you become more aligned with your true beingness in the moment. When you live in this state in the Present moment with your heart open you will find that life becomes a mystery and a joy to be experienced, rather than a burden to be carried. Not only will you change within and your relationships change, but your experience in the world will shift as well, as Life reflects your new state of being back to you.

As I have said previously, bringing yourself into the present moment not only enriches your every moment, but it also creates an opening for Oneness to reveal itself to you. Bringing yourself into Heart Centered Awareness adds the dimension of love and joy, and also takes you even more deeply into alignment with Self and the potential to experience Spontaneous Awakening and Oneness. Until next time, best wishes on your journey.. and keep smiling!

Much love,