Spiritual Awakening And Social Unrest

At first glance it might seem like spiritual awakening and social unrest have nothing at all in common, but they are actually closely related. We are all One Being.. a single energetic entity appearing as many, and what affects one of us affects all of us, and the awakening of the planet happening now is causing our need for change to rise the surface both individually and collectively.

Our dissatisfaction with governmental policies and rising poverty, rampant opioid addiction, and being more polarized with each other in the US than at any time since the civil war 160 years ago is pointing to our need to look within ourselves and discover who we really are, not through the lens of the ego and our beliefs, but what we are beneath that.  Peace will never be attained, nor the Kingdom of God that is just beneath the surface of our “realty” revealed through divisive thinking of right and wrong or good and bad.

Most of us believe we are our identities, or a certain nationality, and we are ingrained with beliefs from birth that we often hold on to fiercely, as is readily apparent today. What is needed however is for each of us to look within ourselves and to learn how to be the Watcher, the witness to all that is, and this means watching ourselves as we interact with the world. But how do we do that? The answer is through practice.

First comes the recognition that we are all one human family, and that we are all part of God, regardless of how you see That.  If you’re a quantum physicist you may view it as an energy field that has no beginning nor an end, and which is always changing.  If  you are Buddhist, it would simply be Buddha or the Buddha Field, if a Christian it would be God or the Christ Consciousness or the Holy Spirit, or it could be Yahweh, The Creator or Allah. It makes no difference, what you call it.. it is all one energy, and it is all US.

Next comes whatever inward focus you might choose, whether it’s a mediation, Buddhist Mindfulness, Yoga or simply praying and spending time in the Stillness within. Doing this aligns us with our True Being that is within us all, and it opens us through our hearts to the One. Our heart is our connection to our soul, and the soul is the Watcher (or Witness) of life, while the body is what experiences life day to day.

Over time as we deepen within, we come to realize that we are beginning to change, and especially once we have mastered the art of Watching.  All that needs to be resolved will arise of it’s own accord as we watch the self and are Present in the Moment in the breathing body.  If you are triggered by someone or something, you will notice it, but in the noticing there is no opposition, there is only acceptance of what IS. If the pain body arises while you are watching, you allow it to arise, and you allow it to express. It may arise through tears, anger, or frustration, but when it does and it is allowed and felt, it will heal of it’s own accord.

This is the Dance of Life.  It already wants to Awaken Itself through the Many, and it will do so when we, as aspects of that Self align with It. It will reveal all that is hidden, and given time it will heal all of what is keeping us separated because of the Mind.  The mind of man is an illusion, as are all of our beliefs. The Truth, the Only Truth, is that we are all embodiments of God in Creation, and as that, and in the recognition of that, we will come to understand that we are all brothers and sisters in God, and that the more we love and support and help one another, the faster Peace and Goodness for everyone, and for the planet itself will be made manifest.