Self Awareness

Self Awareness

The process of becoming self aware involves first recognizing that our minds are not who we are. The mind is a tool, and used effectively can be wonderful, but when we are slave to it, it’s a horrible taskmaster.

Gaining and understanding of how the mind works is paramount to enlightenment, as is developing what is sometimes called a “Witness” consciousness. In part this means paying attention to your habitual thinking as you go through your day. And it also entails questioningour beliefs, judgments and positionalities.

The healing of mental and emotional distortions begins by disovering how you’re “wired up”, and discovering the truth behind your stories.

Part of the process is also in dropping down into your heart, learning to quiet the mind, and learning how to live in Present Moment Awareness and the Now Moment.  Living through your heart in Present Moment Awareness connects you to your inner God Self, which enhances your entire being and life.

It will greatly expand your intuition and Awareness, and it also reveals self sabotaging mental and emotional constructs.  When you’re not thinking constantly, it’s much easier to see things pop up on the radar! Ultimately, living in and deepening into the Present Moment will also open the way for Spiritual Awakening.

In addition, doing this work will balance all aspects of your personal life so that you will be able to live to your fullest potential.  A balanced life is one in which we are inwardly connected to our Divine Nature and have a healthy mind and emotions, and also one in which we have a healthy body and abundance.  If we are without any of these we are out of balance with the way God intended for us to live.

Incorporated into all of the above is the application of the Power of Intention to create fast and lasting change.  We exist in a vast Quantum Field which I call “The Body Of God”, and you will learn how to work in harmony with universal laws to assist in healing your life from within, and to simultaneously create new realities and outer circumstances.

This work will also help in other areas:  I have personally experienced Clinical Depression, PTSD and Addiction in my life and I discovered that all of them can be healed with determined intent and through changing inner thought and belief structures and releasing suppressed emotion.

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