About Me

Spirituality and metaphysics have been the foundation of my life since I was 15 years old when I had an experience with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That eventually led me to my wife who was an extraordinary psychic and we began teaching not long after we were married at the age of 26. We worked together teaching meditation, spiritual development and then began doing energy healing a year later.

I have degrees in Electrical Engineering Technology and an MScD (Metaphysical Science Doctorate) and have studied Kria Yoga with the Self Realization Fellowship. I am also an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, a Certified Past Life Regressionist, and I’m a certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Tibetan Usui tradition.

In the mid 1990’s after the death of my wife a a burning desire to Awaken led me to become a recluse Monk and spend most my time meditating, praying, and continuing my study of spirituality, psychology, metaphysics and various healing modalities.

Eventually my quest for enlightenment took me into the forests of the southwest U.S. and a Jeep and tent became my home for over five years. During that time I experienced several Spiritual Awakenings where the Truth of our Being was revealed to me, and what Yeshua called “The Kingdom” was also revealed several times. These. experiences completely changed my life and eventually led me to teach others how to awaken and how to resolve energetic constructs of the ego that are blocking us from realizing who and what we are. A brief synopsis of my experiences are in my ebook “Living In The Body Of God” which will soon be available on this website as well as on www.spontaneousawakening.com.

I now teach people how to become free of stress and anxiety and live from the heart in Present Moment Awareness. This leads to greater clarity and to mental and emotional healing as well as an unfolding process of Spiritual Awakening, and it gives you the tools to be able to live more consciously in the world. And with persistence the experience of your Divinity and knowing who, and what you are will transpire.

You can contact me through the Contact Page for more information or to make an appointment for a one on one session. I offer a 20 minute get acquainted session absolutely free should you desire it.