Shifting into Oneness

In the Gospel of Thomas when Yeshua said “The Kingdom is within you, and it is all around you” He was talking about Oneness. The Kingdom exists, but it is veiled beneath or just beyond our perception and awareness because we are living in the world of the mind.

This is something that is of our own doing, and it has caused the fear and separation that has become our undoing. The ego is designed to help us to survive, but it was never intended that we identify with form and forget who and what we are and separate ourselves from others or from the planet. Yet this is exactly what has happened, and now we must correct it.

Our True Nature is Divine.. we are all aspects of God in Creation, but as I said, we are lost in our minds. And as a result, we are unable to see or realize that the Kingdom is within us and all around us at this very moment and in every moment.

So the question arises: how do we find our way home? The answer to that is easier than you might think, but it requires doing inner work and diligence. This most simple of ways is through meditation and bringing one’s self into Present Moment Awareness.

As I said in my article on personal responsibility, it is up to each of us to take responsibility for our own awakening and for the redemption of ourselves, and once we do that the Divine will begin to open within us and guide our way.

By taking just ten or fifteen minutes every morning and every night to meditate and then bringing yourself into the Now Moment, you open the way to self discovery and you allow Life to reveal to you how you are “wired up”. And at the same time the way to resolve it will appear, which often happens simply by becoming aware that the programs running in your Biocomputer.

Over time as you continue to be Present with what is, Oneness will begin to reveal itself to you. This is a natural byproduct of being Present. It’s already there, and as you begin to “lift the veil” of your false self by being the Witness (or Watcher) of your mind and your daily life, it opens you to the truth of your Being.

Another important aspect of this is allowing the Divine within and around you to lead the way to your becoming who and what you are. Many people believe that they need to “fix” themselves, but that is just the ego wanting to fix itself, which in actuality can create more problems that it solves.

We can resolve our issues much more easily by seeing who we are at the level of mind through being Present in the Now Moment and watching than we can by attempting to fix ourselves. And when we allow Infinite Wisdom to guide us, it will lead us to whatever other tools or people we may need along the way to get us home in the quickest and easiest way.

So as you begin your day, meditate and then disassociate yourself from your mind as you come out of meditation.  You are not the mind, you are the watcher, which is actually your soul. Realize that you are that and not the mind, and watch. You are the soul which watches the self at the level of mind, and it watches the world around you. Doing this releases you from the stress of the thinking mind, and it also enables you to function with much greater clarity because when you are in the Now moment, you are deeply connected to your inner beingness.