The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror

By John Michael Christian MScD

No, I’m not popping ‘magic’ pills and this isn’t Alice in Wonderland, although I have gone a ways down the Rabbit Hole in the past few years (if you’ve seen “What the Bleep?” you’ll know what I mean by that).

The Magic Mirror I’m talking about isn’t exactly “Mirror, mirror on the wall” either, but it does bear some resemblance to it.  The one I’m referring to is the one we get to experience every day as we go through our daily life experiences.  That mirror reflects back to us who we are with great precision and clarity if we’re paying attention.

It often begins when we wake up first thing in the morning; There was a time when I would awaken in the morning with a deep sense of foreboding about my day and my life, which unbeknownst to me was a reflection of a deep childhood wound within me that the world wasn’t a safe place.

While this wasn’t an “external” reflection coming to me from other people or circumstances, it was a reflection nevertheless, but one that was more directly reflecting my inner state of being.  At that time I wasn’t paying it much attention though, because I hadn’t yet learned the art of doing inner work.

Are you paying attention?  Or are you stuffing your feelings and hopping around from thought to thought throughout your day without being aware of what’s happening inside you or what the world is reflecting back to you?  If your answer is yes to the first question.. good for you,  keep it up.  If your answer is yes to the second question, then there’s work to be done!  A great opportunity awaits you, and it is for you to become aware of your beliefs and your emotions as you go about your day by looking into the reflection from the Magic Mirror.

Every moment of every day we have an opportunity to learn about ourselves, but a great many of us don’t.  Why?  Because most of us don’t realize we should be or even could be, simply because we aren’t taught that this is the way to freedom.

We don’t realize that the universe is a gigantic quantum matrix.. a Divine energy soup that we’re all walking around in and which gives us life and sustains us.. and which responds to our thoughts and feelings!

An interesting thing happens with the energy in this matrix too.. similar frequencies tend to gravitate toward one another.  This is why you don’t see Robins hanging around with Doves.  They each have their own specific energy signature that predisposes them to their own particular type of bird. And just as they attract one another.. so do we.

We attract other people and circumstances ie.. energies.. that are resonant with who and what we are at any given moment. Have you ever noticed that different people feel different”?  If you haven’t, check it out some time.. they do.  And the reason is because we each have our own individual “signature” as well.

For us though it’s a compilation of all of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions. And.. what is reflected back to us on any given day will be a direct correlation to whatever our predominant thoughts and emotions are on that day.  So this energy field that is ”us” attracts to us an exact reflection of who and what we are energetically.. ie.. what we think and feel on a regular basis.

As Buddha once said “All that you are is the result of what you have thought”.  It is so true, and it is also true that “All that we attract is the result of what we believe, think and feel.”  I said that.  🙂 It doesn’t matter whether our beliefs are unconscious or right on the surface either, it still works the same way.

It’s also true for suppressed emotions because they are energy as well, albiet stuck energy, but stuck or not they still have a specific frequency.  And also, blocked or stuck energy is energy that eventually has to move, hence the opportunity for us to use the mirror to our advantage.

So the next time you discover yourself in a situation where the world is reflecting something back to you that isn’t particularly “pleasant”, rather than saying “What a jerk!”.. take a moment and look at why that person is there and what it is in you that attracted the jerky behavior in that person.  🙂

See how it works?  If you dislike something about a particular person you can pretty much guarantee.. no you can absolutely guarantee.. that you have an opportunity to let go of whatever it is that you don’t like about that person within yourself.

The experience is just an externalization of energy that is resonating from within you to begin with, and it’s an energy that is in your face so you can become conscious of it and let it go. One caveat here that I would like to add is that at times you may find yourself observing “jerky” behavior in someone, yet not being triggered by it. This is an indication, or reflection, that you have no resonance with that particular frequency.. ie.. there is no particular issue within yourself that needs to be released relative to what you are observing.

So then it follows, that it’s the “triggers” or hot spots that you need to pay particular attention to.. and in that mix you’ll also find your judgments. So then, let’s get back to the inner work with the mirror. First pay attention to what’s going on within and “outside” as you go through your day. External circumstances, inner emotions and/or dysfunctional patterns (and particularly repetitive ones) are giving you an opportunity to release them and move into freedom.

Once you are paying attention and you start to get it, the next step is to go to work within to change. No worries though, it isn’t all that difficult. For example, if you find yourself stressed or triggered by some event during your day, accept that you are triggered or stressed out, or whatever the case may be. The reason for this is that in order to make a change we first have to accept what is happening.

Energetically speaking, you can’t initiate a shift until you release your resistance to the energy that you want to change. So once you’ve accepted the situation (usually the answer or feeling you get will be yes!) then ask yourself whether you’re willing to let it go. Again, usually the inner answer to this will also be yes, which then allows the shift, and often it will happen on it’s own from that point. If not, just make a conscious statement that you release it, and you will feel it as it shifts.

One of the things that I do when something happens that triggers me is that I just “sit” with it and watch it. Being triggered can be a very interesting experience sometimes.

After you get some experience with this techique you’ll often find that the act of allowing yourself to feel whatever it is that is coming up will bring about healing of it.

If it doesn’t clear by my “witnessing” though I usually ask that whatever it is it be cleared and that if there’s anything that I can do to please show me.

But back to asking yourself.. if the answer you get back is no, which it sometimes will be, then you may have a little more work to do because you’ve just encountered resistance to change.  If this happens, the process begins again with the newly uncovered resistance.. ie.. “Am I willing to accept this resistance to change?” and so on.

Generally though as I said, the answer will be a resounding “Yes!” from the beginning and often you will find that you’ve almost miraculously shifted into deeper and deeper peace as you go through each situation. This process can be used again and again with virtually every block and false belief that you find also.

More often than not I use the method I described where I “sit with” an emotion or trigger however. But whatever works best for you I recommend you use.  I find that it’s sometimes easier to do a conscious release than to sit with something, although both bring consciousness to the issue, and both will bring healing, if not immediately it will over time. Sometimes both of them will also take more than one release or “being with it” to get through an issue however.

Whichever the method you choose, the bottom line is the mirror of life is always reflecting back to you who you are and gives you an opportunity to see the behavioral patterns/beliefs or stuck emotions that need to be brought to consciousness and resolved. And conversely I might add, it also reflects back peace, love and beauty once you’ve come into synchronicity with Source Energy.. ie.. your God Essence.

So as you can see, the Magic Mirror is a very valuable tool in bringing higher consciousness to yourself and for healing those things that are keeping you from experiencing peace.   Use it wisely grasshopper.  🙂 Until then, keep smiling!